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(Debut - UEFA Champions League 2006/2007) Ultimate team is a way for you to build "All-Star" squads to play with online against other people. In the standard game you are used to you have to play example Barcelona vs Man United. In this game you are able to acquire players from various teams to build your own squad, so you could have Messi and Ronaldo on wing, Ibrahimovich(sp) at striker, Silva, Fabregas, Modric at MF, etc . . . all on one team. You can then take this team and play one on one games or special tournaments online or against the computer. The way you acquire players is thru packs (like baseball,football cards) and thru trading an Ebay like auction system. You get money for the packs by playing in games and trading your existing players on this auction system. 

There's a little more to it than this, but generally If you enjoy collecting sports cards, the stock market and/or trying to manage a team by acquiring various players to meet your needs you'll really enjoy it. the add on is free. It sometimes takes a while to get started, build your team from the ground up and learn all the little managing specifics (acquiring players, using contracts, formations, etc) but once you get used to it it's very addicting.

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