In La Liga BBVA are many players very fast.

Below a list of the fastest players in La Liga BBVA.

Name                                           Country         Club              Pos.              Pace             Overall

messi Etne


Barcelona FC ST 99
Jesús Navas Spain Sevilla FC RM 92 85
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Real Madrid LW 92 92
Eliseu Portugal Málaga CF LM 92 75
Ángel Di María Argentina Real Madrid RM 90 86
Lass Ghana Rayo Vallecano RM 90 73
Dani Alves Brazil FC Barcelona RB 90 84
Cristian Tello Spain FC Barcelona LW 90 76
Roland Lamah Belgium CA Osasuna LM 90 75
Jordi Alba Spain FC Barcelona LB 90 81
Jonathan Pereira Spain Real Betis Balompié CF 90 71
José Callejón Spain Real Madrid CF 90 79
Nélson Portugal Real Betis Balompié RB 89 72
Alexis Sánchez Chile FC Barcelona RW 88 85
Juan Carlos Spain Real Betis Balompié LW 88 72
Andrés Guardado Mexico Valencia CF LM 88 82
De Marcos Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao CM 88 76
Sisi Spain CA Osasuna RM 87 74
Nsue Spain RCD Mallorca RM 87 72
Michael Pereira France RCD Mallorca LM 87 74

Numbers are based on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.

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