David Villa
Date of birth:

December 3, 1981


Flag of Spain Spanish





David Villa Sánchez (Spanish pronunciation: [daˈβið ˈβiʎa]; born 3 December 1981) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker for New York City FC and the Spain national team. He is the captain of New York City. He is nicknamed El Guaje (The Kid in Asturian) because as a youngster he frequently played football with children much older than him.


David Villa StatsEdit

FIFA 13Edit

  • Acceleration:78
  • Sprint Speed:80
  • Agility:78
  • Balance:75
  • Jumping:73
  • Stamina:64
  • Strength:69
  • Reactions:86
  • Aggression:71
  • Interceptions:29
  • Positioning:88
  • Vision:83
  • Ball Control:88
  • Crossing:75
  • Dribbling:84
  • Finishing:90
  • Free Kick Accuracy:85
  • Heading Accuracy:73
  • Long Passing:61
  • Short Passing:83
  • Marking:22
  • Shot Power:88
  • Long Shots:86
  • Standing Tackle:28
  • Sliding Tackle:38
  • Volleys:86
  • Curve:82
  • Penalties:92
  • GK Diving:8
  • GK Handling:9
  • GK Kicking:9
  • GK Reflexes:9
  • GK Positioning:11
  • Potential:85
  • International Rep.:
  • Weak Foot:
  • Skill Moves:
  • Attacking Work Rate :High
  • Defensive Work Rate :Medium

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